Hopkins House Garden 2012

Every week, I visited the garden.

At first, the weather was cold and dry, I could only see the few bushes with pale greens, and the ground filled with snails. Stepping on two snails, I was horrified by the sense of nature that was quiet and forgotten. Then the air started to have more moisture because of the continuous rainy days. Day by day, the ferns at the entrance got significantly taller. I directly witnessed that the humid air, rainwater bouncing on the thick greens, and warm spring sunlight were all helping plants grow.

One day I saw bright red plump petals covered in raindrops that had just blossomed and was shining like a crazy in the corner of the garden after the rain. And the browns of the brick ground were also gaining its brightness illuminated by the mosses in between them. Then I realized that the garden was filled with all the different shades of greens. I had never seen that many different shapes and shades of leaves neatly organized to create a harmonious landscape.

From then on, every time I entered the garden, something new was blossoming.  Under the warm sun with the air that still had a bit of reminiscence of the winter created the welcoming place for me to stay and draw. By the end of the April, all the plants were fully showing it’s brightest.



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Repeat size: 37"x30"

Mixed media






Repeat size:13"x13"

colorpencil on paperr



Repeat size:23"x36"

water color on paper









Eerie Fern

Fabric Dimention: 53"x52"

Repeat size: 13.5"x 33.5"

Jacquard woven fabric